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Project Cargo Services

The complexity of the super heavy lift and project market, which has a wide range of unique and specialized cargoes demands, requires highly qualified expert teams to ensure a safe and successful execution of projects.

Since 2012, Al Qabandi indirectly (through JV and long term contract) owning the Heavy Lift Fleets has quickly become a leader in the heavy lift industry, boasting one of the youngest fleets in the market today. We are the carrier of choice for the super heavy lift industry for cargo of any kind with equipment specially designed for the transport of oversized cargo that require maximum lifting capacity and outreach.

A single point of contact will deal with your initial enquiry and consider the details of your project. Before we quote for your project, our in-house Project team will undertake a feasibility study.

Before we take on your project we guide you on the following to deliver professionally for your requirements.

  • Road / Feasibility studies.
  • Chartering.
  • Packing concepts.
  • EDP / EDI - solutions.
  • Order Tracking.
  • Turnkey Projects.
  • Experience.
  • Heavy Lift
  • Crawler Lattice Boom Crane(Cap: 70t-650t Units: 11)
  • All Terrain-Telescopic Boom Cranes (Cap: 25t-700t Units:150)
  • Rough Terrain-Telescopic Boom Cranes(Cap: 30t-80t Units:30)
  • Boom Truck/Crane (Cap: 3t-13t Units: 19)
  • Fork Lifts (Cap: 3t-10t Units:22)
  • Tele Handler(Cap: 4t-5t Units:6)


  • Trailer(Cap: 40t-Below Units: 74)Trailer (Cap: 40t-120t Units:11)
  • Trailer Long Chassis (Cap: 18m long Units:6)
  • Trailer Long Chassis(Cap: 18m long Units:6)
  • Hydraulic Trailers(Cap: 30t/ Axle line 19 Axles)


  • Generators(Cap: 30Kva-100Kva Units: 90)
  • Generators (Cap: 150Kva-250Kva Units:65)
  • Generators(Cap: 300Kva-500Kva Units:140)
  • Generators(Cap: 600Kva-1250Kva Units:78)
  • Welding Machine(Cap: 500Amp Units:121)
  • Air Compressor(Cap: 185Cfm-750Cfm Units:55)


  • Front End Loader (Cap: 2.5m3 Units: 4)
  • Skid Street Loader (Cap: 0.3 m3 Units:3)
  • Back Hoe Excavators (Cap: 0.25m3-1m3 Units:5)
  • Dump Trucks (Cap: 18m3-32m3 Units: 3)
  • Fuel Tanker (Cap: 4000-10000gal Units:22)
  • Water Tanker (Cap: 3000-10000gal Units:8)

  • Man Lifts(Cap: 41m Units: 2)
  • Truck/Van Mounted Basket(Units:4)
  • Tower Lights (Cap: 1500Kw Units:31)
  • Sling and Shackles (Cap: 8t-60t Units: 60)​​​​​​​
  • Spreader/Lifting Beams (Cap: 3t-10t Units:22)


Mobilization of Project Cargo

Mobilization of Project Cargo consisting of 04 Units of Pressure Vessel & 04 Units of Control units ( Skids ) along with accessories from ABJ Engineering Kuwait to Saudi Arabia for a Project Called “ Hawiyah Unayzah Gas Reservoir Storage Project (HUGRS Project – Saudi Aramco.)



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